The Reanimator 1985 review

First I would like to say that I immdiately knew this movie would be one of my favorite things, I love weird mad scientist who do crazy stupid science with no real science behind it. I have some sort of soft spot when it comes to this kind of character I often feel like it already speaks to be on another level when it comes to weird science dudes who may also be transgender. I mean ask anyone who knows anything about reannimator and they will tell you the coding is immense. I will have to warn you that there are very graphic depictions of rape through out the whole series. Most women in reanimator cannot go a day with out being harassed in some way. that is one of my major complaints with the movie. Thankfully it seems to only be the villians who commit such acts and not our main characters. As they are often the ones who stop this from going on. However I would say there is the perfect amount of unsettling gore and things that keep your stomach turning. The effects are amazing for the time that it was produced.Not to mention it bleeds the campiness that most horror francizes have. Overall I would give this movie an 7/10. As I love the characters but hate the rape scenes that seem to spoil the movie.

Inside jobs cancelation was unjust and disgusting (march 20th)

First of all lets talk about how Animation in general is disrespected as a medium. I think it is so tring and disgusting that animation is treated as something for children. I hate that in order to succeed in adult animation the aesthetics seem to always come last and when the animation itself could carry the entire storyline even if it is lackluster in story, yet somehow most studios dont see that and it makes me so angry to know that. Animation is one of the most amazing creative mediums yet companies see animation as only things for kids. While this is an overall problem with the industry in general it really went to show how little animators get respect in the industry when it came to inside job. What I personally found even more offensive was the fact that the reason they gave was lazy/poor animation. First of all how dare they say that the animation for inside job was lazy when big mouth is still running and has many seasons. I could possibly argue it is one of the worst animated show on netflix right now. The plots to the episodes are okay at best and sometimes funny but overall I cannot imagine why netflix picked up big mouth over inside job. I feel like inside Job is so much easier to look at and the animation while simple looked AMAZING. Another reason why I think Netflix is disgusting for ending inside job is that the creators were promised at least three seasons and were even greenlit then had the rug pulled from under them. If netflix gave them the expectation they were only going to do one to two seasons to get it off the ground they would of went in with that expectation and the story would of moved faster. but since netflix promised them all three seasons and we got the last one ripped away from us right from under us we are left with so many loose ends and cliffhangers that will never be solved.

my unneeded opinion on Bam Magera (March 13th)

I honestly want nothing more then for Bam to get sober. I think about it everyday, I really do not understand why he does not get the same sympathy that other addicts do. Just because he has been addicted longer then most? Getting addicted to something and then having to get clean from that is a very hard thing to do. I cannot understand why people want to give up on him and discourage him in his comments like he isnt actively trying. It is also so weird that people dont seem to understad when Bam is joking,, like you guys really just need to get off of his dick. I swear that man cannot post anything with out being flamed online from EVERYONE and then you wonder why he keeps relasping? If you constantly said how much you wanted someone to fail they probably are going to fail. It honestly makes me so sad to see everyone giving up on Bam in a time where he needs people. and his fans to be there and understand that healing isnt ever linar. I care so much about Bam and want nothing more but the best for him. However that also does not mean I am making excuses for him. I just fully believe that he has done and continues to do shitty things. The issue on my end is coming from the people who preach bout loving bam but then comment stuff like "he is not going to get better." Can you imagine being Bam and seeing that? Bam needs help. he needs therapy. he dosent need people being terrible to him because he is not what he once was. He needs support and his fans not to look at him with a microscope and constantly second guess if he is being honest when he says hes sober. I believe Bam when he says he is sober. I know recently he relasped but he swears he is sober now and I have no reason to not believe him. Seriously. It makes me so sad and sick to see people talk about Bam as if he is not human and is just a skating has been, Bam even at his age is still very talented at skate boarding. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt the trust he is sober now and not try and make his situation any worse.

Among Us - Red Crewmate